A smooth shipping experience starts with selecting the right mode of transportation. We are happy to provide you with several options to make sure you get the best service at the best price.

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Full Truckload (FTL)

Need an entire trailer for your freight? Our network of thousands of carriers can provide capacity all over the country. We'll find you the best rate available and provide full visibility into your shipment until it reaches its final destination. We utilize a variety of tracking technologies that integrate with the driver's cell phone, on-board electronic logging device, and trailer GPS.

Less-than-Truckload (LTL)

Looking to ship 1 to 6 pallets and only need up to 12 feet of space on a trailer? Less-than-Truckload shipping is utilized by many ecommerce companies to move inventory between fulfillment centers, as well as B2B distributors. We are able to combine the purchasing power of our customers to negotiate better rates then they are able to achieve on their own.

Volume LTL

Need to ship 6 to 10 pallets and do not need more than 20 feet of space on a trailer? Volume LTL may be your best option. While it is similar to traditional LTL in that you do not have to reserve the entire trailer, pricing is based on cubit feet rather than freight class and density. It can often be beneficial to compare traditional LTL and Volume LTL rates from multiple carriers to find the best price.

Partial Truckload

Every day, thousands of trucks drive hundreds of miles with their trailers partially or completely empty. These carriers are often willing to accept much lower prices to add to their margins or just cover the cost of fuel. We find opportunities within our network of thousands of carriers that work for everyone. Partial truckloads fill the gap between Less-than-Truckload and Full Truckload for shipments of 12 or more pallets that require more than 20 feet of space on the trailer.

Flatbed / Stepdeck

For commodities like lumber, heavy equipment, steel coils, or any product that can't be loaded from a dock, flatbeds and stepdecks are required. This is one of our areas of specialization, as we understand the unique challenges these shipments can bring. We make sure all carriers have exactly the right equipment and the correctly sized tarps prior to showing up, avoiding costly delays and potential late fees imposed by your customers.


Need to get your container transported from the port to a warehouse or rail yard? We have drayage carriers in every major US port city that deliver fast and reliable service. We understand that missed pickups can lead to heavy fees leveraged by ocean carriers, and we follow up with our carriers to make sure they pick up exactly when you need them. We work with dozens of customs brokers and freight forwarders to ensure a smooth delivery.


Refer clients to Fox Logistics and rest assured they'll be in good hands. As a thank you, we're happy to pay you a referral bonus.

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20086 US Hwy 301 N Starke, FL 32091


How much is the referral bonus?

We will pay you 10-20% of the profit margin for the first 6-12 months.

When will I get paid?

We'll calculate referral bonuses in the first week of every month for revenue collected in the previous month. Once the amount is calculated, payment is issued within 48 hours.

How will I receive payment?

That's up to you! We're happy to issue a check or send payment via ACH or Paypal.

Which companies are a good fit?

Any company that ships less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (FTL), drayage, or needs warehouse storage is a great fit for our services. Examples are ecommerce merchants, distributors, and manufacturers.

Is there anything else?

Yes! In addition to the referral bonus, we'll be happy to refer our customers to you if they are in need of a service you provide. Our standard practice is a warm, double opt-in introduction so you have the best opportunity to gain a new client.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at 877-993-7411 or click the link below to register your first lead and we'll be in touch.


Let us develop a custom freight plan for you, completely free of charge.

100% Customized

This is not an instant report from a software product. We will get you real prices from real carriers that take into account your shipping requirements.

No Pressure

No pushy salespeople. We will give you honest feedback on your current pricing and service. If we can't improve either, we'll let you know.

On Your Time

We understand that you're busy. Schedule a call whenever is convenient for you and we will reach out.


Kind words from our customers: 

"Fox Logistics offers excellent customer service. They always reply to new requests immediately and their follow up for each delivery is outstanding. They keep us updated on each delivery progress, before we ask for it. They contact customers and coordinate the delivery in advance - which is important and leads to less stress for our transactions. They do a great job and I highly recommend their service."

 - Becky Jakubowski, Matos Forest Products

"Fox Logistics has been an excellent company to work with. They provide extraordinary customer service, on time deliveries, and maintain professionalism in every situation. Their timely responses and open communication allow us to keep all parties informed. Thanks Matt and team for all your help!" 

- Sr. Logistics Coordinator, VF Imagewear

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Don't settle for poor service or uncompetitive pricing with your freight provider. You deserve the best of both worlds.


White glove delivery service typically includes delvering your freight directly to a retail location and transporting the goods from the truck to the store with a pallet jack. The drivers / installers will unpack the pallet, inspect the products, and remove and dispose of the pallet and packing materials. If the store is not on the first floor and an elevator that can support the pallet jack is not available, the driver will break down the pallet on the first floor and carry the products up by hand. This is generally limited to 2 flights of stairs.

Other considerations for white glove delivery is the cargo liability. Typical LTL shipments limit cargo liability to the act of moving freight on and off of the truck, as well as transporting the freight on the truck. White glove delivery service extends that liability to transporting and unpacking the freight in the store. This is the highest level of service offered by any carrier, with additional services available, such as blanket wraps and padded vans. Lift gates are included with each delivery and quotes are provided on a case by case basis due to the variable nature of white glove delivery service requirements.



Our white glove delivery specialists are available now to to discuss your specific delivery requirements, advise on cost-saving measures, and provide a quote with one our carriers that specializes in white glove delivery.


But that doesn't mean we can't help you find what you're looking for!